Be a house

Be a house,
With lots of rooms,
A room for everything.
Room for a happiness,
For a compassion,
For colours,
For a beloved.
Walk through all doors, all rooms,
Clean and tidy,
Open the windows,
Water flowers.
Practice gratitude,
Reconnect and expand no boundaries,
Change, redecorate,
Add floors,
Build conservatory,
Make new space,
Grow beauty in your garden.
Love and nourish
Be open to share,
To welcome, to invite all in,
The ones you already know,
The ones you are destined to meet and know.
To Teach, to learn
To expand more.
Now, look back again,
Your house is surrender by many more houses.
Welcome a new perception,
Your house is a space between million other spaces,
Let a new reality arrives,
Today and many more days to come,
Let change takes place,
Old leaves and New arrives,
All in fine, all is in order.
Truth is the One,
All is One,
One is all.

© Serena Devi, 2009

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