Sacred Union

A woman standing,
Undressed in front of lover’s eyes,
Holding his gaze,
She is ready,
To take in all the sweetness,
All the pain, all the freedom
Of the sacred union.
She is pure, moist,
Floating in her senses,
Vulnerable of her nakedness,
Hides her gaze,
Behind the veil of the unspoken desires.
Open her arms,
The lover meets hers.
Together, exploring, discovering each other,
For new shores to arrive,
In their separation, in duality of their clays,
Reaching to Oneness with each tide.
Full of passion,
Embrace the rhythm of their hearts.
The woman,
swimming in wetness of the sacred temple,
Inviting her lover to softness of her curves.
To conquer the unreached peaks,
To discover the hidden gems.
Naked, lie next to each other,
Touching, melting in the unknown desires,
Reaching to new climax, arriving to new shores.
Meeting in a new world,
spreading gently between clay and air.
Soil and fire, flesh and soul.
Voice has left their throats,
Inseparable in their embracement,
Eyes shine full of joy,
speak the truth of their hearts.
Each time,
Passion rises,
Breath leaves their breasts,
A veil comes down,
Their Soul melt,
Deeper truth penetrates the union.
Love is growing, evolving,
In their thirst for each other,
In their intention for Oneness.
Loves pours into their hearts,
Flow all over their bodies,
Ecstasy arrives.
Each, dives in for more,
Lose sense of self, arrives at the other shore.
The final wave arrives,
The moment of torment and joy
The golden path of the Present,
End of all mysteries,
Free of self,
United as One,
Lovers of the truth,
Hand in hand,
Arrive, arrive, arrive.

© Serena Devi, Oct 2009

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