An invitation

An Invitation
For a night under the stars and moonlight
With less words, more senses and touches
Heart is full of fire,
It settles under his fingertips.
In Silence,
Stay with him in his world,
Listen, witness him as he is.
Listen, discover her as she is.
She is here, reaching to be met halfway.
Sacrifice the dream
Dare to hold the desire,
For a tranquility of love.
Be with her…

“© Serena Devi, Sept 2008, San Francisco”

2 responses to “An invitation”

  1. Thank you to the depth and greatness of your soul and its beauty to reflect such a tenderness.

  2. utterly beautiful… breath-taking! This is the type of poetry I love to read because it’s full of subtle imagery, powerful emotions,silent whispers, and the magic of what one human being relating to another, loving another is all about…

    well done!

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