Choosing with Love

Find a comfortable chair,
A quiet corner in a middle of crowd,
Wrap your mind in silence,
Open your eyes and listen,
The favorite melody of divine is playing,
Feel the river of Love,
Running through you,
Let go, let go.

Embrace the moment,
Lose all senses,
Connect with earth,
The mother of all.

Open your being to the Light,
A passage will appear,
Gaze into it.
Keep your eyes focused,
Intent is building,
In the core of your being,
Stay still, lose yourself in wilderness of hidden well.

Time disappears,
Place disappears,
A drop falls within.
Your heart beats a new rhythm,
Life begins,
The drop turns to the eternal ocean ,
The hidden well merges into the light,
Creation takes place,
With every drop, Love comes to life,
Here on Earth, here, in Heaven.

Hear the laugh, echos everywhere.
All started,
With the silence of the mind,
Trusting the heart,
Gentleness of the eyes,
In choosing with Love.

You are at home,
You never left.

“© Serena Devi, Oct 2009, London”

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