Return to eternal longing

How could I dance to this different rhythm of heart,
How proud I could be of my broken heart,
Would I dare to take a chance again,
Open the core of my heart,
Welcome new breeze of the unknown.

Allow mystery of love,
Conquer deeper valleys of my soul,
Would I be willing to be tested again?
Time over time,
Reaching out to hold on my promise,
My promise to depth of life beneath my feet,
My promise to womb of creation, to Earth.

Would I be brave enough, to trust my wings,
To trust the shining truth of the path.

Look through the heart,
Treasure of faith,
Blossoms under the rays of new days to come,
how can anyone hear a broken heart,
under fractures of more learning to come.

I wonder, in the midst of mind,
how heart heals and welcome mysteries of new love to arrive.
But it heals.

As new morning shines,
Sparrows return home from far away borders,
So my heart returns to its longing… to its home.

Pleasure and joy of arriving,
Is a gift offered by mother Earth.

Freedom of choice,
is a sacred promise offered by a longing heart,
the journey unfolds every step of the way,
longing for love has no end.
belonging to longing has no end.

I am at home,
alive and magical,
as long as my heart sings,
wanders of her longing for love.

“© Serena Devi, January 2010 Thornhill Canada”

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