The Truth

I am here,
In pregnant moments,
Excited in dream of birth.

I am here,
In silence lakes,
Frozen in desire of flows.
I am here,
In hard work of a poet,
Captured in empty space of a page,
All day long in a battle,
With temptation of intimacy with ink.

I am here,
In undiscovered meadows,
Fallen in love with depth of seductive longing.
I am here,
Waiting for your glance,
Your thirst for change,
Your courage for a new dream.

I am here,
To love, to be loved.
May love reaches and touches all hearts,
May your hearts weave a web of all dreams.
May union arrives,
Set you all free.
I am here,
And I have no face.
I am the Truth.

© Serena Devi, 2009

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