With God

With God, you cannot keep your distance,
Explore, play around, agree or disagree with.

You choose God,
Intimacy is your path.
Love is your burden.
Ocean of truth unfolds in front of the eyes,
Earth reaches to sky,
Sun kisses the moon.

You choose God,
All boundaries come down,
Heart opens up,
Joy and ecstasy become inseparable.
Sit in God,
Living in light is your promise.

You choose God,
You die to Self,
In a blink an eye,
Kingdom of freedom,
Is yours to role.

Look long and deep within,
Surrender completely to the invisible,
Clarity appears,
Silence becomes your best friend.

To choose or not
God is here,
God is in motion,
God is rhythm of your heart.
God is Now,

How you choose to experience God,
Is what life is about.
That is the only Truth.

© Serena Devi, Dec 2009

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