Beloved 4

There is a room within my heart,
A place hidden from all,
Only appears to my beloved.

I wait, days and nights,
Perhaps months and years,
For him to arrive.
Burnt from the impatience,
All day long.
A glance of him,
Melts my heart.

A kiss on my forehead,
Take me to the seventh sky.

He is the light of my eyes,
The love in my chest,
The Breath I take.

I have nowhere to hide,
Naked from all stories and memories,
Freed of all chains and bondage,
Became a life time prisoner of his love.

Captive and handcuffed,
Within my heart.

Do not free me of your Love,
My beloved, you are all I want.

“© Serena Devi, Sept 2009, London”

4 responses to “Beloved 4”

  1. divine…..knowing love is ordinary… God

    living love is extra ordinary….with God……

    I am beyond every known and unknown dimensions but with in love of no dimension……

    God is a love bird of no dimension……

    make your heart a cage of no dimension….

    love all…

  2. …the thanks again is mine for having come across your beautiful words…

    if 2010 can be one thing in particular for me, it will be the exploration of my own heart and my identity as a creator on this earth. You make an extraordinary reminder that this is a correct path for me to venture upon…

  3. Dear friend, It takes an expert diver (you)to recognize the depth of the ocean. I don’t know how to reply. My heart is weeping with joy. Thank you, thank you…

  4. …there is a room in your heart, and what a heart it must be to find these words, these thoughts! You are a treasure found in an unlikely desert…keep that heart beating at all costs!

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