The Way

This one goes back in time, first steps toward awakening.

The sky is blue,
Ocean is breathing,
The wind is blowing,
Sun is shining,
And I am standing,
Still, quiet, close to my moments,
Over the cliffs.

With every wave,
I hear something new,
With every crash of every wave,
I hear a laugh.
I never listened before,
Never looked before,
I am at the edge of the cliff,
How could I remember the world and
still no sign of love.

Standing on rocks,
Facing the sea,
Listening to mystery inside the winds
Let them take me where they will.

I can hear,
With every crash,
A voice inside of me,
between my ribs,
Says, enter,
This is the way.
This is the way.

“© Serena Devi, Fall 2000, London”

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