The Archer and mighty butterfly

I have been lost many times,
Never dare to stay long in unknown fields,
My needs always brought me back.

But in my last wandering,
I left something behind,
Stayed out there, till it returned.

Have you ever noticed?
The change in colours, melodies,
Even smiles of days and nights,
Through cycle of seasons.

The tasteless coffee and morning toast,
When emptiness embraces a life.

Have you ever noticed?
A loneliness of a heart in absence of love.

I remember,
The arrow that sat, one day,
On an anonymous chest.
Chased and banished love
Out of a castle of heart,
Into unknown fields,
Into a white woven cocoon,
Hidden under the valley of mysteries.

I kiss the hand that sent it.

The archer’s bow,
Stretched within,
Rubbed her urges for freedom,
To archer’s gentle, honest finger tips.

No shame is upon our hearts,
If boundaries of pain,
Serve the lord of love.

The cocoon endures it all,
The wholeness, the joy,
The completion of the cycle.
One day,
Between loneliness and solitude,
Between time and eternity,
It blossomed.

White light of a new life spreads,
All over colourful wings of a new arrival.
A mighty butterfly,
Flied through landscapes of rebirth,
Pierced all over by love and grace.

Returned home,
To anonymous heart of mine.

I remember,
The arrow that sat one day….

I kiss the hand that sent it.

© Serena Devi, Jan 2010, Thornhill Canada

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