To you, with yellow tulips

Yellow Tulips Alfred Gockel

I waited for your love in hope,
That our time might come back again,
Make me feel what I felt,
When we were together,
embraced by desire and passion, back then.

Time and distance have erased,
The things I valued and wished to stay,
And now I find myself alone,
Though I am here in companion of pain.

What good is love,
that does not hold or touch,
What good is love,
that brings torment to heart,
I travelled to another world,
Out far beyond the one we knew and met,
I thought that I could live again,
love again,
And now I find
a hole in place of heart.

But what of hearts that beat as one,
And what of passion and embrace,
Is it too much to ask of you,
To make these tears of mine erase.

My mind often journeys back,
To the day you brought me yellow tulips,
With your smile hidden behind them,
To times of sweet kisses
and seductive whispers,
The times we lay together with
A sense of you , a sense of me.

So now, I journey on alone,
Forever wandering, in my thoughts.

And I ask you one last time,
What bridge we have to cross
To find our hearts next together again,
What good is love,
When soul falls into
the darkest place of doubt.

I journey on alone,
Forever wandering, in my thoughts,
what came between our hearts.

© Serena Devi, 2009

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