Beloved 5

Today is not like any other day.
Eyes are shining,
Mind is an empty space,
Heart is a garden of grace.

I am surrender.
Ocean of love opens up,
New wander begins,
Truth is walking,
Side by side in silence,
Her beauty makes invisible marks,
On my thirsty heart.

Candles are burning all the way,
No flickers,
In presence of the truth.

In silence,
Truth merges with my shadow, undivided,
Truth gives birth to my happiness, unshakable,
Truth becomes my lover, unnamable.

Full of truth,
Heart unites to mystery of life,
Become a mighty ocean, a new space of light.

I am surrender,
Heart is consumed by love.
I hold my breath,
Dive in deep in unknown waters,
Find more rear gems and pearls.

Hands full of the treasure,
eyes full of mystery,
I return to surface.

Put together, a necklace,
decorated with tranquility and calm,
Heart shines in a middle.

When my graceful beloved pleases to arrive,
Sits between palm of my hands
Consumed heart of mine.

Oh beloved, please arrive.

© Serena Devi, Jan 2010, Thornhill Canada

One response to “Beloved 5”

  1. divine……….Beloved no where………with prayer and love … one to know one….beloved now here….

    love all…

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