Random Thought

A random thought appears,
As I was told once,
the projected,
The hope for, the created one.
And takes me to future of my past,
When change is bond to growth.

I wait,
Never long enough,
For the old wounds to open up,
For tears of pain to arrive.
Wrapped in burnt feelings,
Covered in haunted memories,
Dark doors of suffering open up.

After a sacred ritual,
The warrior heart,
Steps over the bridge of her destiny.

Sword in hand,
Follows Oya, the goddess of change.
Walks down the labyrinth of dead weeds,
With hope to Plant new seeds of love.

Darkened resistance of the old shadow rises,
Faded overture of crimson tides,
Vibrate the mystery of change.

Behind the hurricane of death,
Time turns a new cycle,
A gentle breeze of freedom blows,
Over the rainbow of love.

Where no heart needs to
Crush or bend ,
When storm of change
reaches to her place.

A new home for the warrior heart,
Full of new voyages to unfold,
In colorful mystic fields of love.
New Echos to begin,
In joyful white wind of light.

Serenity is the fruit of
This random thought.

© Serena Devi, Jan 2010, Thornhill Canada

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