Beloved 6

The soul is aroused
Of the sight of her beloved,
walking in distance far.

Layer by layer,
She gets undress,
Heart pounds with anticipation,
Nothing suits her,
More than this nakedness.

Nightingale whispers in her ears,
News of coming spring,
When great lover is on his way,
Others disappear in smoke of his fire.

She rises,
higher than clouds,
hides her nakedness,
Behind thousands face of love.

Love, love, love
Melts the copper of her heart,
in alchemy’s oven of unspeakable twilight,
turn it to bold shiny gold,
Ready with delight
for spring of joy to come.

Oh, my beloved,
Don’t wait for spring,
Free me from this longing, she whispers.

Arrive Now,
Arrive Now.

© Serena Devi, Jan 2010, Thornhill Canada

4 responses to “Beloved 6”

  1. You know right here,right now I can take such a personal meaning away from this writing.Espicaly those last five lines….C

  2. Stunningly beautiful…

  3. …as always, my deepest welcome.
    May there be some beautiful surprise,
    Waiting for all of us at the other side of light.

    blessing to heart of yours.

  4. always,I know I can make my way to this oasis of the written word and find solace, enlightenment,and plenty of food for thought…

    May your light continue to shine brightly!

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