A moment of lust

How many times we have met in our minds,
In reflection of our desires,
our lust for each other,
Embraced, touched and made love.

Oh, heart of mine, longs for you.
May your answer of belonging
Shelter fragile feelings of mine,
Wrap his warm skin of presence,
Around edge of my hunger,
And welcome my roots
In his circle of life.

How many times,
I rehearse this play of thirst,
A kiss of rain,
On bed of leaves,
Intimacy of touch,
In the name of Love,
Where our clays meet and make love.

I offer the last drop of tears,
If you only promise,
The closeness to your breath
The richness of your heart.

© Serena Devi, Jan 2010, Thornhill Canada

One response to “A moment of lust”

  1. Beautiful…………….

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