I had a dream last night,
I saw his wonderful face,
The moon and floating stars around him,
I asked, where is your love, what holds you back?

His eyes gazed the other way,
Pain has returned,
My ribs are pushed to edge of scream.

How worthless I become,
In search of his love,
How heavy and sad a heart could beats,
How often tears drop,
From haunted memories of the beloved.

I could not remain a silent lover,
Poems are the gift of my walk,
On sacred ground of love.

I ask again,
Turn your face,
gaze into my eyes,
I cannot settle for anything less,
I will give up anything to win back your love.

if you say no,
I walk away filled with the sorrow and pain.
Your arrows become my best friends.

I can’t wander aimlessly
Between now and then,
Do not let me die of thirst.

You are my pain,
cure me,
Gaze into my eyes,
Before I leave the clay.

© Serena Devi, Jan 2010, Thornhill Canada

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