A Wanderer Dreamer

Eyes are closed,
A new world appears,
A firey breath spreads,
In all direction.

My clay is here,
On Earth,
Surrender with invisible threads of light.
She sits in house of presence,
In the Soul of all.

Each pulse,
Opens a new spiral,
The wanderer dreamer within me,
dance her dance till dawn.

Everything is possible,
when dancer and dance become one.
Even to find a path to Love.

She arrives at a castle with no walls,
A place for rest, pick up the end of threads of light,
The castle of heart.

Inside the castle,
more surprises to come,
One could meet love,
And wish to be tamed
for the rest of life.

The shyness of closeness,
Bring colours to wanderer’s checks
The fingertips of memories,
Make all her senses cry.

Innocence desires rise,
In the corner of the untouched heart,
Secret blossoms
under quiet and mysterious moon.

Love is returning,
The taste of rejoice brings
the wilderness back to her eyes,
The wanderer dreamer joyful and wild,
jump on stormy stallion of thunder light,
Disappears beyond dimensions of space and time.

Somewhere in far away galaxies,
A shiny and courageous star lives,
Sacrifice and dissolve her life
In each breath of night,
for evolution of love.

© Serena Devi, Jan 2010, Thornhill Canada

One response to “A Wanderer Dreamer”

  1. I am brought to the impass where there are no words to describe how this touches me.

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