Telling the secret

Looking into each others eyes,
Bring me back,
To voice within the chest.

Twilight rises there,
Dissolves lines between
Dark corner of ignorance,
And shiny light of the truth.

Only then,
A clay stretches,
and story of the soul begins,
passing through the secret passage of awakening,
Perhaps more than once.

The Mirror of creation
Source of joy and discoveries,
Pain and suffering,
Squeezes her salvation,
In one smile of soul.

A place called Earth,
Where rivers run through still mountains,
Threshold the mystery of their music together.
Where burning flames whisper to warrior wind
The secret place of their highs together.

The Earth,
Fertile place of all unions,
Where four elements of life come together,
In friction of their opposition,
To manifest the sheer beauty of soul.

Look into the others eyes,
Bring me back
To voice within my chest.

Lets make it simple,
Soul only reveals her beautiful face,
when earthy clay turns blind to the rest.

© Serena Devi, Jan 2010, Thornhill Canada

One response to “Telling the secret”

  1. To gaze into one’s soul brings the freedom and strength to touch another’s….

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