The Sema( Darvish Dance)

Are you ready,
To meet again,
To stay alone together.

To walk our walk,
Sing our song,
With no need to ask whys and hows,
or seek an answer.

Are you ready,
To face yourself
And love another.

Are you ready,
To abandon land of borders,
And open the gate
To the kingdom of unconditional Love.
To loose sense of self, your identity, your face,
And stay faithful to your own heart.

Are you ready,
To be a reflection of Divine,
In service for the good of all.

Are you ready,
To embrace death
At the end of the sunset,
And come to life,
By beginning of each dawn.

If you are,
Then appear with a smile,
That no change could touch,
With a heart,
That only sings,
Songs of love.

And bring a gift of your promise,
Promise your presence, your Now.

I ask you one last time,
Are you ready to be whole?
To be One.

If you are, Take our hands,
and join the Sema….

© Serena Devi, Jan 2010, Thornhill Canada

One response to “The Sema( Darvish Dance)”

  1. To be so bold as to simply ask for what you need…You seem to be on a wavelength very near to my own today..

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