A choice

I saw my tomorrows
Hundred years ago,
In a serious play of chess
Between two old wise willows.

Then and there,
I knew,
Something must change.
I have a choice to make.
Freedom sat next to me,
In silence, all night.
Painted in colours,
All choices on my travel roads ahead.

First I saw her face,
Then arrived her mesmerizing fragrance,
Just before joy of her presence.

I didn’t hesitate,
When I was asked,” are you longing for my lips?”
I through all cautious in the mad wind,
With no intention to claim it back.

Joined her tempting flames,
Drifted away and lied next to her
On white sheets of her embrace,
covered with red roses in her hands.

Her thorns scratched my skin,
With each move and turn,
Blood flow from my invisible wounds,
But I felt like a king.

It arrived, so sudden,
when I least expected it.
Oh, sweet love,
Are you really here?

In reply, she pushed her nails deeper in my skin,
Reached to my heart,
Wrapped her chain all around it,
At last ,we were together,
The one joy,
The one breath.

I knew, the choice is made.
I am on the path with no return.

Past is full of the half way paths,
The ones that we could always change our plans,
Or forget about responsibilities,
Or blame others for our mistakes.
Path of love in not one of them,

With her,
No life and death make sense.
Love binds one’s heart,
To dream of immortality
Beyond any minds grasp.

Tell me,
what path is your choice,
Years of struggle
Or a lifetime of delight.

© Serena Devi, Jan 2010, Thornhill Canada

One response to “A choice”

  1. I shall simply say with all the grace I can muster I would take the path of true love every time…

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