My home,
My land,
Allow me to return,
Do not keep me
In this long and dark exile.

The warmth of your chest,
The softness of your kisses,
Your gracious presence,
All I seek.

I do not know,
How to cure
The madness of this heart.

The heart is on fire,
Have nowhere to turn,
Allow me to return,
Before killing pain of our separation,
Breaks in pieces,
Every part of this clay.

We have a purpose to serve,
I know,
My death is the price,
To carry the burden of burning love,
Till the last breath of mine.

I am living
In hungry days of confinement.
I am waiting,
In Exile.

How could we can not give
Shelter of acceptance to each other,
When we both have so much to offer.

Spare me,
A private moment alone
Without all these longings
And burning desires to belong.

Then I go,
To spirits of light,
Ask them to make a path
Between us,
With no bridges
To make it impossible to fall apart.

Crucify my heart,
If you must,
But welcome my love.

Do not keep me in this exile,
You are my home,
My land,
Allow me to return
To warmth of our one Soul.
For the sake of love.

© Serena Devi, Jan 2010, Thornhill Canada

One response to “Crucifed”

  1. Such vision,such love the one soul should not be denied.Who could resist the power of this love and these words written with hearts own pen.

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