House of loneliness or Solitude

The house of loneliness,
Where is this place?
Perhaps somewhere surrender in gray clouds,
Or anonymous piece of land,
Buried and forgotten in sadness and despair.

A place
With a sign of “do not entre”,
Land or shore, no difference.

Constant ocean of feelings,
Empty of any desire to arrive or leave.
Sometimes, one rest behind walls of disengagement,
Other times, draw into whirlpool of pains.
Short or long stays,
With no longing to share.

Loneliness is a place with no bridges,
No roads to takes one away.
No distraction of a fly or bird.

Too dark to see,
Or to be seen,
A place that no heart could belong.

One does not need to end there.

A brave heart could try,
Expand horizons of this place,
Reach out to the unseen possibilities,
To bring it into the map of life,
In the name of Solitude.

A new place,
To explore the hunger
Of the heart, to belong.

A brave heart,
Could make a beautiful tapestry of life,
By mating rough threats of loneliness
With healing softness of solitude.
Make a new house,
On the map of her life ,
A place to belong.

Loneliness or Solitude
is a choice.

© Serena Devi, Jan 2010, Thornhill Canada

4 responses to “House of loneliness or Solitude”

  1. Thanks, your blog is cool too :0-)

  2. All place of loneliness is all too familiar.
    Some lonely places are good for reflection.
    cool poetry

  3. Thank you for your care. All roads will end in embracement of Divine, heart is safe now and forever.

  4. I would hope that to feel is to eventualy heal…

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