Piece of bread

Life is a blessing.
Every night,
Flames of pain,
Sears and burns her.

Every morning,
The woman wakes up
And promise of eternity,
Stirs and put love back
In her heart again,
and free her soul
From illusion of mind.

She sings to herself,
“I am a woman,
I am born to love,
And to be loved.
My fate doesn’t concern me,
as long as I am here,
and have a piece of bread to eat,
And a healthy lung,
To breath.

When tomorrow comes,
Life will be a blessing.
If I breath,
I am still here.
Feel free to eat my piece of bread,
But don’t steal my share of love. ”

© Serena Devi, Jan 2010, Thornhill Canada

One response to “Piece of bread”

  1. “But don’t steal my share of love”….I had to try that on for size.Beautiful…

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