Breakfast time at Waterloo Station

A new month has arrived, February 2010, a new place for new experiences in life, in heart and writing style.

When nostalgic mushrooms open up, I have no choice expect to go to a busy station, just to be surrender by people, just to sit and look at their faces and know their stories…

Story behind faces,
Waterloo train station in mornings,
smells of fresh coffee, bagel and cream cheese, suitcases everywhere!
This is how it begins every day, in central London.
I miss it so much!

People moving all over the place, some slower than the others.
Barely looking at each other, no familiar faces
Hello, can I have Skim Latte, short please…
Two sugar.

Ticket man, loose tie, dirty shoes, he can use a good night sleep,
was on duty all night, can’t wait to go home.
A woman with a baby
Crying for help.
another one on a Q for the morning newspaper.

A tall man, with a big umbrella, his nose is broken.
forgot his watch at home, constantly checking the clock above the ticket Kiosk,
he will be miserable for the rest of the day.

Oh, Here it comes, my favourite scene,
Lovers, kissing holding each other passionately,
last night was amazing, when can I see you again?
more kisses to come.

A short young girl, curly hair, funny jumper, reading a book, lets see what is title,
I always want to know the titles, it tells a lot about people. Is it True?
Where is my orange tree? Strange title!

A mad man, running after the pigeons, trying to catch one, no one seems noticed him yet,
oh, he pushed an old lady on a floor, now every one is looking angry.
He didn’t mean it, How could be sure if he is mad or not?

Another announcement, ….is arriving, what was that? Train to Guildford, arrived platform 6, do I want to go home?
Who is waiting?

It must be someone, we all waiting, for our trains, morning breakfast, getting into a lift, to get to home, to get to work.
To meet friends, go to holidays.

All of our lives we are waiting for, we are pinned to two hands of our clocks and watches.
We can’t be late, can’t miss it, I have planned it, what else is new?

Be patient, trust me, it gets better… I am hungry now, shall I wait to finish this, I can always come back.
You are here, now I got your attention, I can do what ever I want to do,
It is all about attention and how easy we can lose it. What do we get in the exchange?
It is only the beginning, lets eat, breakfast time….

Now I know, why the dark shadow comes back, I am transforming for my last final task on the earth. To become a committed observer who can write, funny I can’t even write without grammar mistakes, but it is not about the “,.,?,!
It is about how a day begins and what choices we make in how we experience and finish a day.

The mystery of life could arrive in any language with any grammar mistake,
As long as the river runs through my heart and words appears on my laptop.
I can create, destroy and change, but the choice is not always in writer’s hands.
There are other forces, alive and powerful, try not to ignore them.
There is only one way forward,
face the shadow and enjoy your breakfast when you still have a time.

© Serena Devi,Feb 2010, Thornhill Canada

3 responses to “Breakfast time at Waterloo Station”

  1. I’ve nver been and perhaps in my human form will never go to this place you see,but through the power of your words you took me there.I could not leave your words unread and my reward was a journey to a place I’ll likely never go.

  2. Perhaps we passed by each other, a while ago or a life time ago:-). Thanks for your comment.

  3. Love Waterloo! Its an amazing place to let the world move and remain unseen, this makes me miss it so much. I remember sitting outside Costa making elabourate stories up about who people are.

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