To you

I was blind
Looking for you somewhere else,
When our rendezvous took place,
Hidden from all,
Behind walls of my heart.

Carnation after carnation,
My yearning for you had no end,
Loved you in numberless clays,
Lips after lips
Face after face
Life after life.

This lifetime is different,
We seduced dark angel of separation,
And met on top of the golden gate.
Breeze of love from source of all,
touched our clays,
Blended our soul energies in one.

Since then,
You are my strength,
My passion,
You become my unconditional love.

May infusion of spirits,
Bring us together in this life,
One more time.
May greatness of our love,
Bless us with union of our clays
In Now, in this time and space.

To balance, to complete
To love and serve Divine’s creation.
Yes, Yes,
I have found the one,
Whom soul loves unconditional.

I reach out every morning,
Over the field of sunflowers,
Looking for your steps,
With hope to rejoin,
To be in your arms,
To dance again,
With you.

Love you and love myself
In One breathe forevermore .

© Serena Devi, Feb 2010, Thornhill Canada

2 responses to “To you”

  1. Beautiful! Oh, how this touched my heart. ♥
    Kristy @

  2. Beauty radiates from this page directly to my heart…Bravo my friend,bravo…

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