Yin and Yang

This small dot,
Lives in centre of the universe,
Connected with all.
She is called Faith,
A home,
for a new yin and yang.

No action to take,
No plan to make,
Wonderful to sit here
In harmony with life.

She knows nothing much,
Seems what she knew,
No longer works anyway.

For her,
Lost is no lost,
Gain is no gain,
Life and death make no sense.
The only definite
Is the change.

It was Love that saved her
From dungeon of ego more than once,
Both become fugitive,
Beyond beginnings and ends.

Every day she finds a new earth,
In a centre of the blue sky
In depth of ocean of her heart.

The union is just a name,
For manifestation of Divine
Under duality of yin and yang.

I asked Faith once,
About her sister, Love
She smiled and showed me
The below, the above,
the right and the left.
And she pointed to centre,
To her own heart.

She whispered,
Love is the cure,
The only answer for all longings,
Sit in your heart, wrapped in light of Soul,
And Love, love, love.

© Serena Devi, Feb 2010, Thornhill Canada

3 responses to “Yin and Yang”

  1. Hey wait for me I want to take the journey too………I can only agree with what Shari said…..sir wordsmith seems to be out to lunch…

  2. Thanks Shari foryour comment and being part of the journey I am on.

  3. Another beautiful piece of poetry that is as clear as a mirror reflecting magic of this world and the next… Thank you Serena!

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