What is love?

This gentle and wild refuge,
In my pilgrim of heart.
Who revels her secret,
After a life time, suffering with pain,
Monogamy of heart.

I confess,
I am in love,
With the one, hard to find,
The unconditional one,
Impossible to run from.

Love is the beauty of the seasons,
Free from all reasons,
Love tastes sweet, like honey,
Smells like jasmine,
Tempts like a nude, bathing in a wine.

Love loves suffering,
The flames of pain
Is the heavenly cure
Waiting to enter,
From non existence fair.

Yes, I am in love, with Love.
She arrived one evening,
With mask on her face.
Accompanied by thousands slaves.

Closed all the doors,
Broke all the mirrors,
Took over my kingdom,
Emptied all the rooms,
From any thought or sign of mind.

She put me in the centre of fire,
In front of the alchemist
He added water and mixed remedies,
A delicate drug,
Injected to core of my heart,
That spins around, at all times.

I kept my lips sealed,
Anytime I opened my mouth,
Tried to speak,
I lost my place,
Fell into the centre of fire,
Full of Fear,
To lose my life,
Full of thirst,
for one more breathe.

What is love?
This ache,
Made home in my heart,
Any turn I make,
Become mad from thirst,
Can’t drink from her stream,
Can’t cure this pain.

With her permission,
I gazed into her while bathing in nude,
and I fell in love,
this time, with my own reflection.

I asked her,
Who is this beauty?
You or I?
She smiled,
She clapped.

© Serena Devi, Feb 2010, Thornhill Canada

One response to “What is love?”

  1. Why the beauty is you……..

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