Where eyes are looking at?

All we want is another tomorrow,
And it never comes.

All we got is Now,
Sad story for most of us!

In Now,
We live align with universe,
We become responsible
For what we think or feel,
What we say or create.

No wonder, humans seek
More mirages of love and faith
Behind screens and stories.
Than really lives one.

Every time, I stop to act as a charitable citizen,
To a beggar behind a face
Or a Handicap king behind a throne
I remind myself,
The eyes are mine,
I choose the labels.

What is in the front of eyes,
Is only an image of what is inside.
I admit, I am a creator.
Nowhere to hide.

The question is,
Do you know,
Who is behind your eyes?

It is hard to stop or step back,
To observe,
To let silence expand.
To trust.

No wonder, we are all in search,
For a new place, higher, farther,
Who cares,
As long as it is not too close,
Not in front of eyes,
Not in Now.

We jump up and down,
Pretend we are happy,
Safe and sound.
Clever and smart!
We refuse to see the truth
Or ask,
Who could cheat life
And not be caught later on!

This urge in my heart calls,
For awakening,
Spirit of light is here.
Merging, evolving,

Live in Now,
Abandon landscapes of yesterdays,
Forget calculated plans for tomorrows.
Refuse to adjust the plot,
Over and over
For the sake of pension or life insurance.

It is neither mystery, nor clarity
To sleep walk.
It does not serve the good of all.

Wake up with awakening kisses
And reconsider your path,
Before the kicks arrive.

The life is here,
In the breath,
Not there,
Where eyes are looking at.

© Serena Devi, Feb 2010, Thornhill Canada

One response to “Where eyes are looking at?”

  1. “The life is here,In the breath” as mine takes pause to consider……………..

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