The voyage beyond flames of love

The voyage of mind,
Took me by surprise,
To mystery of nature.

Where my wounded joy,
Appeared, playfully in dance,
In open meadow
Under the rays of sun.
When Wild flowers bloomed,
Earlier in spring,
With no idea of
A butterfly attempt
To suicide or be crucified
In flames of eternal love.

I wish,
It was another me,
Walking on this path,
Another spasm of another hungry heart,
To love, to belong.

Wonder arrived,
Uninvited mysterious companion,
One never knows
where she is taken by her steps.
What choice is available
To refuge on vulnerability Island!

Wonder opened all the edges of senses,
Brought the hidden desires
To surface of ocean of mind.

Secret limbo opened up
In promise of each adventurous wave,
To rise above ordinary.

If it was another me,
Face all these wonders,
She would have given up,
The thirst to belong, a long time ago.

A house, a career,
Husband and children,
All seem like a good place to belong!

Not for her,
Not this woman,
Who refuses to betray her heart,
At any cost and price.
Her identity belongs to her hallucination,
To essence of her true longing of her heart,
To eternal love.

She is chained and slaved
To its magical power,
To freedom, a life without attachment.

A neutral place,
No preference,
to arrive or depart,
Perhaps a permanent residence
On a vulnerability Island.

constantly face the unsolved,
The unfinished.
Faithful to her ground,
Committed with her ease and calm.

Butterfly knows,
In depth of her thirst to love,
flames of eternal love,
Is the only place she belongs.

Crucified or suicide,
Make no difference to her,
She refuse to betray her heart.

Her laugh will arrive,
After her fly through and beyond
The flames of love.

© Serena Devi, feb 2010, Thornhill Canada

One response to “The voyage beyond flames of love”

  1. What would we be without the precious heart?

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