From “S” to “S”

God asked,
What have you made of your soul,
He had nothing to say,
Other than
Move behind shamming transparent night,
And paint his face with our blood,
In colour of red.

We are strangers now,
What makes me sob,
No longer categorized as separation,
It is betrayal of our One Soul.

When frozen shadow of ego
Wrapped his heart,
In cold blanket of ice,
In deadly web of fears,
My memory had no chance,
To survive.

I no longer say
” touch me and I flew virgin doves,
To swim in your sacred shores.”

I no longer can say,
” I love you.”
When even my unregistered name
On Facebook has removed
From your list of strangers.

How easy life could become,
By introducing the delete bottom
To serve us all!

My love letters are gone too,
Innocent flickers full of love and hope.

“Enough”, is a high price to pay
When heart and soul are streched
For awakening, for light to embrace all souls.

And I stood there,
in the same spot as you stood once,
In front of God
And said “enough”.

Asked for freedom of my heart,
From your chain of love,
Asked for proper burial,
On what memory might have left,
From our flow together as one.

I rather be a fugitive mystic
Than to return to your love.

We are not even strangers,
You are alone,
In your separated cocoon,
by your own wish and choice.

It is me who her soul is slaughtered,
And trapped in a clay,
Half alive, half dead.
Till the end of this name and face.

Don’t worry,
Forgiveness always arrives,
Blue crystal of moon,
Can’t resist the temptation of making love
With golden rays of sun,
In bed of fertility of earth.

You can have it all,
I am full of emptiness.

© Serena Devi, Feb 2010, Thornhill Canada

2 responses to “From “S” to “S””

  1. And I hope the Divine within me, find the cure for this empty space. Thanks for being there. S

  2. I am sorry my friend to needs be touched by these particular words.Remember you are the Divine.

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