A yellow rose

My soul
is a free stream,
Runs through dark and light,
sometimes she laughs
Sometime cries.
What she wants is to love.

I want to feel my roots,
Spreading in dark moist soil of earth,
I want to feel like a human,
Who could be happy,
Who is full of love
With piece of bread and four green leaves,
I live a myth.

Under a shower of rain,
In Golden field of corns,
I sew stitches of kindness
On my old blue raincoat,
I shout through silence of the night,
The urge of a burning desire
For a drop of fresh air
In polluted NY downtown.

Behind high rises and their iron gates,
In a middle this purple world
With no sign of care,
Under a willow tree,
There is not much chance
For a tiny yellow rose to make a statement.
however, she stands proud
On her small share of earth,
Just to bring smile on pedestrian’s faces.

Life is simple,
When we taste ice cream,
Hear children’s laugh,
Or jump between strings of melody
With no fear of ending.

She chooses to be a rose,
And keep her thorns short, and harmless,
She passes on beauty and love with her free smile
To every lover who his lips discover
the softness of her petals,
She whispers the longing of her heart
“Just to be loved”
Load and clear,
With no fear of her short life.

Her simple life is full of love,
With no rush or fuss.

© Serena Devi, Feb 2010, Thornhill Canada

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