Beloved 8

I broke away,
From any holdings,
Wander in new frontiers,
Without a name,
without a face.

In love, in dance with my beloved
Mesmerizing essence.

He turns his face
Towards this humble clay,
Suddenly arrives infinite blessing,
From his warm breathe of life.

Garden of lilies open up,
their hundreds tongues.
Whisper beloved name, burst in joy.

I am sustain by grace of his love,
Taken over my whole being,
By this heavenly dance.

I am in sema,
round and round,
One hand faces up,
Reaches to his seventh heaven with no delay,
One faces down,
Touches the earth under his steps.

I am beyond the world,
Walk and dance like a nameless fool,
Sometimes on the roof of heaven,
Sometimes under the face of earth,
Scatter golden dust,
Over paths, bridges and gates,
All directions end at his place.

My beloved is in faraway,
separation, is our fate,
Perhaps till end of this clay.

Love refuses to pull the thorn
Out of his empty place.

I dare to make love,
With flicker of his light,
In chamber of my heart,
Hoping the departed friend,
Hears the music of love wings,
Returns in some secret way
From distant far.

Like a sweetness
Of sugar cane,
Wrap his burning passion,
In cloth of a gentle kiss,
Lands on my dry open lips.

Oh, beloved,
My invisible magician,
You put back the heat of ecstasy
in each corner of my heart.
For the sake of your silver moon,
I chose the company of dark nights.

Know that one day
I will find and open the door
To the secret way,
and you will return.

Or one day, clouds will carry me
To your place, without my clay.

I am surrender to both.

© Serena Devi, Feb 2010, Thornhill Canada

3 responses to “Beloved 8”

  1. divine… has no meaning in love…….gift of God…..

    true journey of creative enlightenment…….

    poems…..great poet Surdas….Gopi Geet… almost sound like that……

    with love, grace and gratitude dear and divine Serena Devi…

    love all…


  2. Beautiful, sweet Serena, this wondrous eternal love. ♥ May you find it in every waking moment and in all your sweet dreams. Mwah! xoxo

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