Happy Valentine

There is not a day,
Goes by without
My heart sings your name.

Valentine is just an excuse,
To make the overture in my heart
More glamorous,
Full of harmony and rhythm
To reach your faraway bay,
Perhaps this time it returns,
To my empty shores
With sweet kisses and joy of your presence.

I am celebrating the Valentine,
Getting some flowers,
In absent of your clay,
I want to cherish your present in my heart,
Within every smile, I could create.

I will stand in Toronto’s downtown
On Sunday,
With hundreds red, purple, yellow and white roses
In my embrace,
Give them to strangers,
Who they are blessed with smile,
I conquer their shores by kindness of their hearts.
Silently holding hope, in the cage of my ribs,
That each smile lands
In shape of my lips on your wonderful face.

Perhaps my unconditional love,
Finds enough patience and strength,
To love from distance
Give you some space.

May the next valentine,
You choose to open your heart,
Recognize my face, embrace my clay.
May you accept and return my love.

Happy Valentine, my love.

© Serena Devi, Feb 2010, Thornhill Canada

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