Blissful life

Blissful life is a fortune,
That not all could find
Or arrive.

It calls
Then appears from nowhere,
and it ends nowhere,
At least nowhere in visible.
It lives in present.

It requires sacrifice,
Small or big portion,
In consistancy of each day to arrive.

Seeking for light took my clay
To a different landscape of pain
It was there and then,
Blissful version of life appeared.
Answer to all prayers.

Bliss, freedom of all attachment,
Now, I have nothing,
I become nothing,
Except the intimacy of love
Within castle of my soul and heart.

Facing the blow of unknown wind,
Is a laugh that is welcomed anytime,
In my blissful life.

Bliss appears without announcement,
To keep it,
One must become fearless of outcomes,
Be alert and prepare to pay,
what is due,
With no concern of soon or late,
Or here and there.

Blissful life
is a freedom to fly,
Like a bird, with no fear of low and high.
But not without a price.

Sacrifice is a must.
but who cares
If eternal love is the reward.

Conscious living is a choice,
Heart must become a volcano,
To live up to her promise,
To give and take love
In harmony,
At all costs.

Now, with all the facts clear,
No room is left for complain,
Or a secret arrival of a doubt.

The choice is ours,
To answer or stay silence
When bliss calls.

© Serena Devi, Feb 2010, Thornhill Canada

One response to “Blissful life”

  1. A hard choice to answer or stay silent.

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