Orgasm in heart

Lover and beloved is you,
Intention and the follower is you,
I am the shadow of you,
And the world in front of my eyes,
Is nothing but illusion of ego.

I am who is drunken on love,
Restless and mad, I become.
Do not return me to empty place of my clay,
Keep this empty cup,
In your hands,
And pour it with your love and grace,
Now and then.

I no longer care,
Burn me in flames of your love,
I bring all the veils down,
For a glimpse of your mighty face.

From distance,
I see the tower of your heavenly castle,
Smell the fragrance of your enchanted garden,
Well kept and hidden in the mist of love.

I am so close, almost at steps of your place,
And that still is not enough.

I want to burn any distance,
From west to east,
North to south,
No separation between us.

I am a thirsty fish,
Floats in ocean of wanders,
In search of your orders,
Turn left or right.
With no fear of fishermen’s net
Or deadly waves of whirlpool of your love.

Please give me more of this madness,
The passion in my heart,
Is the sun spinning round a clock,
Hot, full of flames, with no rush to arrive or end.

Between the burnings,
Orgasm arrives,
Thousand thorns of delight.

Master painter,
Brushes my face with the colour of his love,
Leave mark of his lips on softness of my breasts.

We live inside of each other,
With one heart.
Any direction I want to take,
Far or close,
Your scent takes my breath away,
Brings me back to
This delicious torment and pain,
Beyond my flesh and clay.

Our union,
Within sacred place of my heart,
Left no sign of my ruin,
I hidden and escaped in You.
I shall never leave your castle again.

© Serena Devi, Feb 2010, Thornhill Canada

2 responses to “Orgasm in heart”

  1. elizabethannmurphree


  2. Stunningly arranged words turning phrases of wounderous beauty…

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