The Awakening

I am summoned,
By spirits,
To travel deep,
Light and hands free,
Under skin of destiny or fate,
Within open wounded spaces,
Left unattended for many years.

Fearful eggs of awakening,
Prisoned in cage of right timing,
Under watchful eyes of dark knights of Master ego.

Through half-open windows,
To past,
To hunted memories from childhood,
Or perhaps before my arrival in this time and space.

I left only with compass of my soul,
Crossing over
The unclaimed territories,
The frozen urgencies
Lied at the bottom of my heart.

Crossing over,
centuries of war,
Dwell of dark and light
Through tunnel of time,
Reaching to closure,
Finally open conversation,
Between heart and mind.

I travel deeper,
Through labyrinth of wisdom,
Pass Shiva in dance,
Under spell of magic of his many hands.

accidentally fall over bed of fertile moments,
Spark of joy,
Sacred dance of silence,
In feast of new arrival,
The awakening.

A hand freed a bow from its stretch,
The precious gem of clarity,
Sat between eyebrows of my soul.

My clay seems so distant now,
Our time together,
Is closer to end.

The deeper I dare to travel
The more clear compass shows.
Few more steps,
To freedom of my heart,
From all chains and locks.

In horizons,
A ship appears,
Gracefully moving forward over the sea of love,
Many passengers on board,
None chained to concept and perception.
All free of attachment to any shores or lands.

No ground is better that this ship,
For loving roots of my heart.
The house of awakening,
My belonging to freedom,
To life as it is.

© Serena Devi, Feb 2010, Thornhill Canada

2 responses to “The Awakening”

  1. Thank you for your kind comment.

  2. creatively wonderful…

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