To Tara

As the joy
Opens her wings,
To land on my heart’s ground,
Her smile reaches to each corner of my soul.

When she wraps her little arms
Around my neck,
Her soft skin touches mine,
Happiness approaches the gates of heart,
Every time a little more.

She is named Tara,
She lives in a small, fragile clay
With a soul that her kiss,
Invites thousand white swans
To swim in abundant lake of love.

Her smile is a magical light of divine,
Teaches me the true oneness,
In words and in silence.

We came together
In this life, an aunt and a niece,
But our souls goes way back,
In misty platforms of space and time.

Did I tell you,
This angel of light,
Citizen of the earth
Just arrived three years ago.

Every now and then,
She opens my eyes,
To unlearn all suffering
I kept in place of my heart,
In each story she asks me to create and tell.

She teaches me
How to jump happy up and down
Between fluffy clouds of unknown,
And not be afraid of running out of time.

We travel around and beyond the world,
Sometimes on board of Noah’s Ark
Other times,
In heroic mission in the story of creation,
The one with dinosaurs and huge whales
With no Abel and Cane.

I remember,
On a cold winter night,
She asked for the moon,
We stood hand in hand
Patiently watched the dark sky,
holding our trust,
Until the beautiful white bride arrived in carriage of light.
Her smile that only a child could give
Sat on her lips and brought
Thousand sparks of delight
To thirsty heart of mine.

We share laugh and smile,
We ride wild horses of imagination,
In each tale and play.

What more can I say,
Tara is a blessing in my life.
Loving her is the breath I take.

May the innocence of her soul,
Lightens her path
With love and grace,

May her presence on earth,
Be an open invitation,
To gather many in one place,
To nourish and love each other.

May The gift of love blossoms
With happiness and fulfilment,
All through her life.

© Serena Devi, Feb 2010, Thornhill Canada

3 responses to “To Tara”

  1. very breathe taking and heavenly…
    what a gift !

  2. Thank you. It touched my heart and it is as wonderful as real Tara.

  3. elizabethannmurphree


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