The secret garden

Truth reveals her secret beauty,

Under spell of seductive silence.

Before that,

All must burn in flames of love.

Shout or cry does not make a difference.

I looked everywhere in search of you,

When Phoenix raised from ashes,

I could look inside,

For the first time with no blur,

Then I found you there,

Smiling, loving me.

What is changing,

Is the surface,

The essence is unchanged.

I know in spring you will find me again,

Before that, my beloved,

we have no choice

But to surrender to flames,

To what seems the angel of death.

Flames burns the illusion of clay,

And what it represents.

Then we become free

To travel beyond world

of dimensions and forms.

We will find a gateway

to the secret garden

Where everything is possible.

Step into the garden,

From there, look inside,

You will find me there,

Smiling, loving you.

We never left each other.

May the moment of truth,

Reveals the secret path of eternal love

With the sacred seal to bond our earthy clays together

In service of one Soul.

In happiness.

© Serena Devi, Feb 2010, Thornhill Canada

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