Embrace me

Under of your shadow,
In this quiet corner of the world,
With eyes closed,
I breathe with hope,
That my heart returns,
From her wanders,
In empty streets,
Under autumn trees,
Without leaves.

Praying for arrival of spring,
To have the pleasure of meeting you again.
Get undress,
From waiting and its tight cloths,
Open my arms,
To embrace our new moments together.

Oh, my beloved,
My heart is a desert
Named Lute,
Dried and cracked in your absent,
In constant longing,
For a drop of your love,
On her thirsty lips.

You left your essence,
On my lips
Last time we kissed.

It could not be washed,
By any other kiss.
You see, even my lips have been faithful
To your love!

I swim hopeless of rescue,
In ocean of wanders of my mad heart.
Calling your name in each welcome and farewell.
And you still wrapped in silence.

Enough of this torment and pain,
My Anam Cara,
Show your face,
Free my mad heart,
From the search for a shelter
To runaway from this waiting room,
that I am prisoned for life.

See my face,
Tormented, but still beautiful
Love shines and dance
In each eye of mine.

And my smile
Reflects back,
Only your grace and nobility.

Oh, my beloved,
Show me your face,
Allow the feverish heart of mine,
Rest in calm,
In silence of our union,
In your embracemeant,
for a simple excuse,
I love you.

© Serena Devi, Feb 2010, Thornhill Canada

3 responses to “Embrace me”

  1. Jingle, I thank you for stopping by today and left me a magic star, it is sitting in a corner of my heart . I accept it with gratitute.

  2. a star award, u may enjoy!
    Have A Happy Monday!

  3. embracing and forgiveness are the most beautiful thing in the world…

    what elegant poem along with classical photo images.

    outstanding post!

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