The Alchemist

She arrived unexpected,
Named and labeled as a distress,
She was just a simple thief,
After your heart,
Even ready to pay the price,
Without knowing what is inside.

You answered “no”, few times in silence
In reply to her request for closeness.
Finally, she accepted and walked away,
Seems she forgot to take her heart with her.

Tempted few times,
to return
To give her soul in exchange,
But her devotion to the Truth
Won her back,
Kept her under guidance of faith.

Over night,
An Iron wall built up between your clays,
Impossible to cross,
At least not there and then.

You played your part,
With honor and grace,
but with no sense of humour at all.
And it cleared her vision of what life is about.

There is no treasure Island
Close or in far distance.
It only could be found,
When one dare to cross the alchemy land.
That is what she did.
The hidden gem is a bit higher, over her head,
A bit lower, under her feet.
A white shinny way,
All through her heart, behind her ribs.
Her scent,
The essence behind the face.

Alchemy is a strange place,
Burn, chop, hit, bang
All over the clay,
Till mighty Soul appears.
So she arrived on the burning soil of change,
No where to run,
Surrendered to all hits, bangs and burns.
Her copper turned to a shinny gold
Beyond measure.
She arrived to her destiny.

Quest of love,
Is a lonely path,
For the one who is chosen,
To hold the mirror of the truth,
Demands for inner changes,
invites souls to sing,
Each their own unique song.

Every time the alchemist reveals her face,
To addicted slaves
forgotten in dark prisons of Master ego
Many stones hit her flesh
Cover her in wounds and open cuts.
Those lonely days and nights,
She sits in front of white aura of moon,
Pray for you to find your truth,
Sooner than later and return to her.

Jump on the fastest express train,
Arrive at Kingdom of love,
With no more fear, to make love.
Till her heat,
Turn all into gold,
Become one truth,
That you both belong.

Dance side by side,
Hand in hand,
Till the end of this cycle of evolution,
When all turns into the dust.
And next stop is the garden of Divine.

© Serena Devi, Feb 2010, Thornhill Canada

2 responses to “The Alchemist”

  1. Shari, may you be blessed with what comes after the flames.
    please always thank Divine. I truly don’t know who am I anymore and who writes here.

  2. This poem burrows into the deepest of my soul … Thank you Serena … Thank you, Lord!

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