I need you to know

Seems so long,
Since heart wandered
Around a bay,
Behind rusty Bridge of Golden gate.

I often wonder why,
when love is the only possible answer,
human’s heart hesitate to open her gates.

To day,
all gates to my heart are open,
I am reaching out,
with all the strength,
To love, to touch,
To be meet again.

It is time,
And I need you to know,
I dare to dream again,
To see deeper than a frame of our clays.

I need you to know,
I dare to love again,
To put my lips,
On burning face of life,
close my eyes,
and passionately drift away,
Hope, when it ends, you will reach me again.

I dare to be tamed with
The misty dreams of longing,
Waiting in throat of time,
To come free, to come true.

It was a long time ago,
In a different land,
That I left my open heart behind.

Now and then,
A traveller seagull,
Arrives from a distant bay,
Full of joy and laugh,
Claiming the promise of
all the bright moments,
Our tomorrows to come.

What could I answer,
To such a claim.

Yes, yes,
I dare to love you again,
I dare to wait with no claim.

I need you to know,
Outside of your walls,
there is a field,
where sunflowers grow in silence,
Sky is azure blue,
Air is fresh and full of immortality.

I am there,
waiting for you.

© Serena Devi, Jan 2010, Thornhill Canada

One response to “I need you to know”

  1. So very beautiful and for todat you’vr touched my heart…

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