Om Nameh Shivaya

Om Nameh Shivaya
Na is the Lord’s concealing grace,
Ma is the world,
Śi stands for Śiva,
Va is his revealing grace,
Ya is the soul.

The only mirror
That mind could not stand,
Must turns around,
Face itself,
The ignorance behind.

The five syllables,
Reap its own rewards,
A life time,
Freedom of the soul
From steel bondages of the Maya,
Return to house of Shiva

My old teacher was a wise seer,
He told me once,
Mantra is life,
Mantra is lord’s motion,
Mantra is love.
And japa is a dance
Burst wisdom from
In to out.

Since then, I sing for you,
I dance for you,
“Om Nameh Shivaya”
I rest in you.

I am in a special place
In centre of my heart,
All I see, is light,
All I feel, is love,
My being is full of abundance
I chant and dance
Over water lilies,
Under the tent of dark night,
In presence of the silver moon.

I sit on Hodaj
Escorted by cheerful breath of light
To house of my beloved,
Tonight is our wedding night,
I am his bride.

Nameh Shivaya,
Is our souls,
Our bodies,
Our possesions.
I come to you,
Naked of all.

I salute all of your lovers,
The beautiful, the mighty one,
My heart is full of your love,
Subtleness is the state of my mind.

Do not spare me a moment tonight
Without the blissful presence of your vibe.
Your love and light.
I am your bride.

© Serena Devi, March 2010, Thornhill Canada

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