What I will be in your tomorrows?

I experienced many ends,
Each time,
What I thought left behind,
Showed up later,
In front, waiting for me.

With you,
I never had a chance,
To know the beginning,
Or the end.
You are always there,
In front of my face,
What I am not sure of,
Is that you are waiting!

As for me,
I know two mountains would never meet,
But people do.
What I am not sure of,
When we meet, how we do feel.

The color of my sea has changed,
Now, it invites more brighter thoughts,
On running clouds.
More welcoming embraces from traveling winds,
Now, nightingale sings every night,
Sparrows dance, is the morning News!
My sky is azure blue,
At all times.
And my fields,
opens to serenity shores,
with no fences,
Perfumed with lightness of air,
Full of richness of Loves’ amber.

You asked me
To remove my attention,
Neither wait, nor return.
One day, I honored your wish,
and walked away.

What I will be in your tomorrows?
When you find my empty place is real,
No one is there,
To be blamed, an excuse to escape.

In my absence, would you turn me to an image,
so you could still feel the fear,
To stay away, from meeting yourself.

Do you know, what is real,
When life hurts.
The heart’s burden,
The worst fact of life.

It starts with brown of my eyes,
Stirs into your ache.
It resides in your body,
but with my face.
It burns your house,
Till no door left,
Except to jump out of a window,
Without a parachute
On strange land of void.
Then, you have to face,
The shadow, illusion version of self.

I ask you,
What will you do with yesterdays?
Mine or yours,
When a shade of a lover,
Keeps you away from burn of the sun,
When her lips
Promises a devotion of her heart,
A life time delight.

When her hands reach out,
To feed your hungry heart,
With all she has to offer,
Her true love.

Do you still count to five,
Blame her for your shortcomings,
your mistrust to your own heart.
Do you still chase her out,
Throw back to her face, her love.

Or you choose a different path,
To honor her presence, with graceful act.
Write her a love poem, return her longings,
With sweet honey,
Welcome of your love.
and ask for her return.

We don’t know,
If you will stop me tomorrow,
When your road to past,
Crosses mine in present.

If you could hear,
The heart beats of love,
Behind the ribs,
yours and mine.

We don’t know,
But my heart hopes,
You stop me,
So I have back what I left behind,
Your love.

© Serena Devi, March 2010, Thornhill Canada

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