A sage

A sage stood patiently
Next to a muddy river,
Stared at the surface,
Where all doings take place.
Water flew gracefully,
Mind rushed him to cross,
Before the right time.

Lover’s hands pulled him back
Waited for devil’s carriage to pass.
Sage learnt the first aspect of the path,

After that,
He crossed many rivers
Still or in flow,
At the right time,
he became master of his mind.

Grabbed the right act,
Always at the right time,
He found the second aspect,

Every act, etched the soul,
Repeated once,
Tendency arrives,
Few more times,
Habit comes to life.
The third aspect
Sage holds dear the three aspects.

Above colours and grays,
Pure white is the colour
Shines after his tracks,
With clarity, sage has a power,
To choose.

His essence merges
From clear breath of light,
In every step forward.
Essence gives birth to destiny.
His effortless dance,
Beyond earth and mud
Reveals, conceals,
As life demands.

Cheerful sage,
travels soundless,
And learns the language of love.

All the muddy rivers are behind,
He gives and takes equally,
He found the middle way,
The natural rhythm of life.
He paid all his debts,
He nourished all his gifts.

He no longer carries a map,
The path is carved on his heart.
Few more steps,
He is outside of time and space,
Sitting in Eden,
Drinking honey wine,
Smiling at rest of us,
Still struggling in our created hell,
perhaps this spring,
One of us choose different,
and join the drunken sage.
Are you the one?!

© Serena Devi, March 2010, Thornhill Canada

2 responses to “A sage”

  1. i wish i was a sage.
    This is great

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