The dance and a dancer

Dance surprised me
with her sudden appearance,
One spring night,
In the corner of my childhood.
One glance,
And my heart was stolen,
Carried my clay,
On her wings,
Gentle like a deer.
but I sensed fire under her skin.

We finally sat down,
In a place in a middle of no place,
My feet pressed their fear,
Onto the ground beneath,
Lips opened up,
To passion of her rises and falls,
To kiss her red lips,
To drink her sweet wine.

A sound came out,
From depth of my being,
Roar of a lion, inside.

Spreaded over my soul,
Magic of life unfolded
In the mighty dance,
That I joined.

With our hands in sky,
We jumped off
Into thin air,
On moment, our feet on earth,
Next, back and forth,
In flirt,
With seductive breeze of light.
A blow of spinning wind,
Took us to the doorway,
On seventh floor,
So close to heaven,
I forgot,
I am just a dust,
And I left my legs behind!

Later in life,
I figured out
That was the easy part!
Years passed,
I came across the grown ups,
Whom refused to dance,
to move their clay,
To left and right,
Or around,
Without asking first ” how”,
A reason to apply.

Whom never let go of control,
To throw themself in ocean of love,
Without calculating first, plus and minuses,
Of their act.

Dance whispered
In secret,
How choosy she becomes,
Over the years,
In picking up her lovers.

She said,
Great dancers,
Bloom late in life.

They dance with grace,
In blood of pain,
Over their pierced heart,
Speed up to reach the light,
Spread over, in all directions,
Till they stop looking around.

They arrive in silence,
In centre of motion,
lotus within opens up.
The fragrance is in the air,
Magic carpet in dance of delight,
Carry them from outside
To within house of light,
Where the dance and a dancer become one.

© Serena Devi, March 2010, Thornhill Canada

2 responses to “The dance and a dancer”

  1. Dear Trixy, Thanks for stopping by and glad to see you in dance.

  2. i loved it till the end!
    a sublime meeting that leaves the reader mesmerized…

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