Cosmic Symphony

The more I observe,
The more still,
Life becomes.

With silence,
As a lover, close by,
One could only laugh,
At what used to be called “I”.

A deeper look within,
Opens up all possibilities,
To leave behind earthy wings,
And still fly high.

Simplify your thoughts,
Simplify your life,
A gateway to unlimited abundance
Appears in a middle of earth and sky.

Play your instrument passionately,
Follow the tune of life’s symphony
Conducted by Cosmic Orchestra
In completion of richness of each note,
In harmony and dance with the whole.

Embrace the perfect joy,
Your wholeness
With pure connection
Between yin and yang.

It starts Now,
From where you stand,
Without participation of “I”.

© Serena Devi, March 2010, Thornhill Canada

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