An amber

The day
You passed from our street,
You shoulders carried,
The green image of life,
Your hands,
A simple tale
Faithfulness and prejudice
Between of our tribes,
Your eyes whispered
The mystery of jasmine’s fragrance,
Behind innocence veil of the moon.

The sterling night came,
Between the embrace of her breasts,
We kissed the morning star,
Made love in bed of red and yellow roses,
We fell in blue sleep, in each other’s arms.

At dawn,
I opened my eyes,
Saw you on the traveler shooting star
who leads the chariot of time,
And I found my heart,
Trapped in roots of doubt.

You were on your way to a new kingdom
Wasteland of hopes.
I was the prisoner,
Of boundless loneliness of my soul.
What you left behind,
Was a fake amber,
Coated in color of my sorrows,
Grieves on my dying heart,
Which lost color
In every blow of the mystic wind,
Till it became colorless, without light
As the mirror of my faith.

Then and there,
My heart broke
In thousand pieces,
Each transformed to an open window,
Sitting on each traveler star,
Passing from dark of the night,
To wasteland of hopes,
In search of your tracks.

what I left with,
Is an image of my tears
Returned from feast of life,
With untold stories
Burried in depth of my heart.

What I left with
Is a shiny amber
Coated and colored with love.
With no regret or shame.

I left love behind.

© Serena Devi, March 2010, Thornhill Canada

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