Kiss me

What are you,
A simple light of truth,
Opening my eyes
To boundless desert of awareness,
Day and night.
Day and night,
I pray,
For forgetfulness,
It is forgiveness
That answers my cry.

Tired of hide and seek,
I am pressing my forehead,
On surface of your forgiving palms,
And my cold fingers,
In search of hope’s warmth,
Moving into the space,
Between us.
There is no light
Waiting for us,
If we constantly refuse,
To kiss the happy lips of love.

What are you?
A beloved,
A gentleness of a kind breath,
A welcoming pillow under my head,
And a warm firm lips, kissing mine,
With all love and passion,
That a woman could ask.

Tell me,
If there is a place,
In corner of your silent cozy cabin,
Hidden from eyes,
for this wanderer heart, to sleep.
Mad and tired of the hardness of this long walk,
The uninvited guest will exchange all of her possessions,
With moment of your time.

She offers,
Her heart, to love,
Her hands, to forgive
Her silent smile, to accept you
As you are.

Tell me,
you will kiss the happy lips of love,
Or mine,
Day and night.
And shelter this wanderer heart,
As she opens her arms,
and receive and rest with you
In peace.

© Serena Devi, March 2010, Thornhill Canada

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