Sacrifice for the sake of love

There is no evidence
On her death,
But trust me,
She is dead.

She forgot her clay,
jumped into thin air,
No sign of her since then.
But the scandals of her affair with love
Brought the drums of Africa in dance.

Under the tribe’s of her flesh,
She met the burning desires,
To stop the injustice, terror,
End the pain of separation
Save life from the hungry teeth of werewolf,
Serving the demon within.

Returned to her homeland,
With open arms,
Stands straight on the highest cloud,
With a strange voice shout,
” I am full of love.”

One could have many choices,
In one life time.
Could get undress, admire the desirable flesh,
Stand nude,
With breasts full of unsatisfied lusts,
Forget self in any strong arms,
Lovers with no faces,
A stranger, a drunk or even a saint.
After a while hard to recognise the difference.
Too many intense emotions,
Take one to thorny road of education,
Subject: Self worth!

One could hide,
Behind veil of mind,
Solve all puzzles and Sudokus,
find IT solutions for each quiz and game,
But helpless to solve the real puzzle.
Too many isolated thoughts,
Take one to high hike on experience,
Subject: self love.

Or one could sacrifice,
Every time, anger appears,
In the mirror of life, choose silence,
Let it pass.
Anytime, judgment calls,
Between right and kind,
Listen with a heart,
Let love talks.
Choose to open
Her gates,
To hidden treasures,
Empty all the shelves,
with no attempt,
to save any for a rainy day.

Intimacy with love,
Ends in sacrifice,
Not an easy path to cross,
But the shortest
To the kingdom of heaven.

Rarely one gets a chance,
To receive earthy rewards,
That is why, she must be dead.

We never read Jesus Chris auto biography,
To know what happened that day
When sky cried,
Earth covered in ashes.
How he felt, when he was demanded to cross,
Sacrifice his flesh for the sake of love.

Moon on her heroic mission,
Moves forward in each cycle of fortnight,
On her milky way of light,
Angels dancing,
In rhythm with drums of Africa,
Look inside,
See the same dance within,
It is the magic of life,
that we all seek
Beyond space and time.

We all return to our homelands,
Stand straight at the highest cloud
And will shut,
” I am full of love”.

Love is our story,
Earth or heaven,
Has no say in this.

After so many try to escape
She finally got drafted.

If you ask Jesus
He answers,
Don’t wait to be dragged,
Sacrifice for the sake of love.

© Serena Devi, March 2010, Thornhill Canada

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