What life is about

What life is about,
Making, saving,
All wealth that one could have,
But one day must leave behind.

Robbing nation after nation,
From their freedom,
Under name of human rights.
Selling it in Wall street,
The corner of black market.

What life is about,
Teaching children every week,
A new prayer in church and Mosque
And killing them by chemical bombs,
Over Kordestan’s mounts.

What life is about,
Two strangers meet
Under a palm tree,
Sharing coffee and delight
Watching the cross of birds,
Over telegraph wires
Behind, landscape of blue sky.

What life is about?
You be absent form your own life,
With eyes present in others life,
Their give and take.

What life is about?
Worshiping the reminds of yesterdays,
Walking in sleep in Now,
Tumbling in future
In Trojan’s horse,
To claim ownership,
On what is not ours.

What life is about,
Does not count anymore,
Curtain is down,
Victory or fail,
Belong to no one.
Mine or yours,
Can not make us happy,
Unless we understand
Life is
A gift,
A masterpiece,
A journey,
A mystery,
A Harmony,
A passion,
A purpose,
You and I

Life is about love.

© Serena Devi, March 2010, Thornhill Canada

2 responses to “What life is about”

  1. Hi chris, hope you are well. thanks as always for your kindness and presence. S

  2. Well said my friend….very well said.

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